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Kubus Styling.Kubus-3-LOGOOpti
Kubus drop in displays are a new deco cubist companion to the classic elliptical Designline styling. Kubus drop in displays optimise a clean rectilinear design perspective, enhanced by durable chrome plated  aluminium superstructures and lighting ducts, all enclosed within toughened flat glass hoods, sneeze screens and side panels.


Designed, constructed and independently CE/UKCA approved to meet the latest exacting European standards, choose from matching self help heated wet well or dry heat bain marie drop in displays, ceran glass hotplate drop ins, chilled multideck, chilled well and chilled island well drop in displays. Assisted service displays include heated delis or chilled deli drop in displays and chilled multidecks. In addition, the Kubus bain marie, ceran glass hotplate and chilled well are also available for assisted service use.

To match these displays, a choice of ambient displays are available such as ambient multidecks, ambient display gantrys and cutlery condiment displays.

Kubus Energy Efficient Refrigeration.GALLERY-INSERT---HYDROCARBON-LOGO
The full range of chilled drop in displays utilise our cutting edge Hydrocarbon Technology
– a solution that’s kinder to the environment and your budget with lower running costs than conventional R404A refrigerant.
Compliment your selections with Kubus accessory items, such as cutting boards for Kubus chilled deli, carving & hotplate inserts for kubus bain marie.

Kubus drop in displays continue the Designline tradition of intelligent, tamper proof gantry mounted digital control technology, housed within innovative new rectilinear touch safe materials. Kubus drop in displays, a ground breaking style statement for the interior designer, backed by CED’s continued assurance of beautiful toughness and ruthless reliability in the field.