website-HOT-KUBUS-HEADERKubus Heated Drop In Displays.
Heated sections of a counter can be designed around a choice of matching self help or assisted service Kubus heated displays. Versatile types of product presentation can be displayed from either dry heat /wet well bain maries, ceran glass hotplates or heated delis. These selections can be complimented with Kubus ambient displays or accessory items, such as cutlery condiment displays, heated gantrys, carving inserts & hotplate inserts.

Self Help Drop In Displays.

Self Help (Dry Heat) Or (Wet Well) Heated Bain

The Kubus bain marie display is available as Dry Heat or Wet Well (Manual Fill), to suit chef’s preference. Wet well Kubus bain maries’ feature integral gantry mounted control panels which suite effortlessly within chromed alluminum superstructures, supporting single sneeze screen protection (See KHBM2-6, KHBMW2-6). 
A 1/1 Gn version is also available.

Self Help Dry Heat Bain Marie (With Heated Mid Shelf).

bain-marie---hot-midshelf-The dry heat bain marie plating station has all the benefits of the Kubus bain marie, but also features a heated mid shelf with controllable quartz halogen lighting. The heated mid shelf can be used as a pass through point for plated meals, or for a short term holding point.

Dry Heat Bain Marie (No Gantry).

a-page-hedr-hotplate-no-ganThe bain marie (no gantry) display allows bespoke retractable ceiling mounted heat lamps to be used above the display, UV bonded glass heated gantries or other type heated gantry superstructures to be fitted over the display (by others)



Self Help Ceran Glass Hotplate.

The ideal model for displaying food within flat-bottomed presentation dishes, whether ceramic, steel or oven-to-tableware. Fully adjustable base and top heat are housed under a rectlinear gantry and toughened glass sneeze screen protection. Hotplates are available up to 6/1 G/n size (See KHP2-6). A 1/1 Gn version is also available.

The Hotplate (No Gantry)page-header-2--hotplate-no-

This display will allow:
** Bespoke retractable ceiling mounted heat lamps to be used above the display,
** UV bonded glass heated gantries or
** Other type heated gantry superstructures to be fitted over the display (by others)

Self Help Ceran Glass Hotplate & Heated Mid-Shelf.KHP3PSAS - Photo 
Additional heated shelf space improves the merchandising space above the ceran hotplate, by allowing overhead plated meal presentation or pastries. The dual height presentation space is all controlled from the eye level gantry.

Self Help Heated Gantry.Page-header-KHG3-

All heated gantry models are worktop mounted and can be used for short term food holding or as a heated pass area. They are available in 2/1 Gn up to a 6/1 Gn size and can be fitted with optional Quartz Heat Controller (QC1)

Assisted Service Drop In Displays.

Assisted Service Heated Deli. 
page-header-d---KHDL3-picThe kubus heated deli utilises a heated inclined steel base – adjustable in temperature from an integrated gantry mounted control panel to the operator side. A heated stainless steel midshelf and gantry provide increased product display area at eye level. The display is fitted with full height glass sneeze screen and ends, to blend with other Kubus products. Typically used for bakery display of unwrapped heated produce, other presentation methods can include the use of ceramic, oven-to-tableware and steel flat-bottomed dishes (See KHDL2-5).

Assisted Service Heated Bain Marie.
By factory fitting of hinged full height toughened glass screen and ends, the Kubus bain marie display becomes an assisted service display, also available as dry heat , dry heat with hot mid shelf or wet well manual-fill. Once again the Kubus bain marie features integral gantry mounted control panel and superstructure which supports the tilting front glass screen protection.

Assisted Service Ceran Glass

Optional hinged full height toughened glass screen and end glass conversion changes the ceran glass hotplate to an assisted service operation (See KHP2-6 & option KAS2-6).


Assisted Service Ceran Glass Hotplate With Heated Midshelf.
Designed for the display of heated produce at worktop height with additional heated eye level display shelving above, the Kubus assisted service ceran glass hotplate with midshelf is now available in 2/1 GN up to 5/1 GN sizes. Ideal for bakery presentation, the heated shelf can also be used as a hot plated meal station. (See KHP2PSAS-KHP5PSAS).

Kubus Styling.

page-header---KUBUS-HOTKubus drop in displays are a deco cubist companion to the classic elliptical Designline styling. Kubus displays optimise a clean rectilinear design perspective, enhanced by durable chrome plated  aluminium superstructures and lighting ducts, all enclosed within toughened flat glass hoods, sneeze screens and side panels.

Kubus Quality & Reliability.

CED 100 -Bespoke CounterDesigned, constructed and independently CE approved to meet the latest exacting European standards, Kubus drop in displays continue the Designline tradition of intelligent, tamper-proof, gantry mounted digital control technology, housed within innovative new rectilinear touch safe materials.