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WEBSITE---backbar-logoBackbar – A Flexible Pre-engineered Bar Servery Operating System.
CED’s Backbar range is a versatile, pre-engineered interconnecting modular bar system, in durable 430gd. steel panel work, with 304 gd. s/steel worktops.

The bases can be incorporated behind bespoke bar frontages and tops to provide the essential elements for a fully functioning bar servery area, forming straight bar runs or faceted runs by the use of optional angled worktop infills and base unit cover trims.

The Backbar range consists of plain top or pressed steel drainer worktop units, allowing for varied dry or wet area bar use. A mix of shelving, sinks & wash, glass, general or basket rack storage, plus open ambient storage units can be incorporated with many practical accessories, such as angled or extended worktops.

Download and design your layout quickly and accurately with our CAD drawings of the various modules, all located in the Backbar section.
Specific bar run lengths can be achieved using bespoke’ versions (up to 1000 mm long) of shelving units or worktops.

Typical Accessories Required With Each Bar Run.

  • Additional Low Height Leg Set (see LLF) to end or void section per run.
  • Additional High Leg Set (see HLF) to open end where void required.
  • End Decor Panel for each visible end panel of run (see EP1).
  • End Decor Panel for each visible end panel of void section (see EP1) (Typically where bins are positioned).
  • Each base unit is supplied with one Low Height Leg Set (LLF)