Kubus AccessoriesKubus Drop In Display Options.page-header-Kubus-Opti
Many Kubus drop in display options are available for additional design flexibility. The Kubus bain marie can be supplied with removable carvery sections or hotplate inserts, for varied surface presentation within sections of the display. Cold units can be fitted with directional airflow options, typically to eliminate the need for air intake grille to the customer side of the counter. Cold wells and island wells can offer more merchandising space with the addition of ambient glass shelves over the well area. A hook over polyethylene cutting board to the rear shelf of the Kubus cold delis, provides ideal theatre sandwich preparation. Most of the Kubus displays can also be produced as an assisted service version too.

Assisted Service Glass.


Full height curved glass screen and end glass can be added to many of the Kubus self help displays below, if the planned operation is to be assisted service. e.g.

Night Blind- Kubus Chilled Multideck.

Energy saving features such as retractable insulated K-Night-Blindnight blinds are available for the Kubus self help cold multideck-rear door model too (Option KNB2-4).

Cutting board – Kubus Chilled & Multi Level Deli.Kubus Cutting Board (KCB1)

Optional 1/1Gn size profiled rectangular polyethylene cutting boards – for theatre preparation of sandwich fillings – fit individually or in multiples over the rear preparation shelf of the Kubus chilled deli and multi level chilled deli (Option KCB1).

Glass Midshelf – Kubus Chilled Well.

page-header-Glass-MidshelfThe Kubus chilled well and chilled island well can be provided with additional ambient display areas over the chilled base, by the optional factory fitted ambient glass mid shelf (Option KMS2-5).

Non Standard Airflow – Kubus Chilled Displays.

Air In/Out To Customer Side. (Option AF1).option-AF1 

If the counter is wall sited, the option of air in/out to customer side can be added to the self help Kubus cold well **The Kubus self help cold multideck – fixed back model which would be used in this scenario (Model KMDF2-4) does not normally require this option. The model discharges warm air generated during it’s operation through a rear worktop mounted grill.

Air In/ Out To Operator Side. (Option AF2). 

Page-header-NON-STD-AIRFLOWNon standard airflow arrangement AF2 is available for use with most chilled models when the counter design requires that air intake grilles are not to be seen on the front fascia.
* Option AF2 (Air in/out operator side shown above)

Carving/ Hotplate Inserts – Kubus Heated Bain Marie.

page-header-E---KHBM3ASOptional 1/1Gn spiked carving inserts and hotplate inserts can be used in conjunction with the Kubus bain marie. The carving insert can be used to convert sections of the bain marie to a carving operation (See CINS1). The hotplate insert can be used to convert sections of the bain marie to short term hotplate operation, allowing food display in ceramic or oven proof dishes, plated meal holding etc. ( See HINS1)  

Kubus Table Top Confectionary Display Stand.page-header-KTTCDSAS---2 

The Kubus table top display stand is a freestanding counter top shelving display to match the Kubus drop in display range. The 450mm wide display is available either assisted service or self help, with 3 tiers of steel display shelving, all housing discreet diffused LED lighting, product stop and removable shelving sections – for periodic deep cleaning. The assisted service full height front screen version features keyless locking – to prevent product theft – and magnetically held rear glass doors (Model KTTCDSAS). Site them as impulse display at till points, or in multiples to differentiate product.