Kubus-Heated-Patiss---1Kubus-coldKubus Heated Patisserie. 
Kubus freestanding heated patisseries are a new companion to the range of Kubus drop in displays. Available in both self help and assisted service, Kubus heated patisseries feature a matching clean elliptical profile, durable bright steel and chrome plated aluminium superstructure, all within a toughened glass screen or an open fronted heated merchandiser with optimum product display through glazed side panels. The Kubus heated patisserie is part of CED’s flagship range of patisserie displays. Kubus heated patisseries have combined static and fan blown heat, ‘point of sale’ branding, steel kick plinths, mobile castors and adjustable feet as standard.

Self Help Heated Patisserie Displays.

Self Help Heated Patisserie (Rear Doors)

kubus-SH-Hot-RDAvailable in either 600 mm, 900 mm or 1200 mm wide sizes, the Kubus heated patisserie houses an open PTFE (Teflon) coated deck and 2 tiers of heated shelving. Each of the display levels are fitted with removable steel grids, combined 40 mm ticket display, product stop and 4000 Kelvin fluorescent tube lighting, to match LED lighting in the chilled version. Re-stocking the unit is undertaken through hinged double glazed doors to the rear. All heated product is highly visible through the toughened steel/ glass canopy and side panels. The toughened glass hood can form a serve-over section.(Models KPH6, KPH9, KPH12).

Self Help Heated Patisserie  (Fixed Back)

Kubus-SH-Hot-FBwall-sited version, also available in 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm wide sizes, allows the display to be positioned in alcoves, high street retail environments or smaller restrictive sites. The rear door is replaced with a bright steel back panel. Product re-stocking is through the open face of the cabinet. The fixed back cabinet matches all other Kubus patisseries.
(Models KPH6FB, KPH9FB, KPH12FB).



Assisted Service Heated Patisserie Displays. 

Assisted Service Heated Patisserie (Rear Doors)

Kubus-AS-Hot-RDAvailable in either 600 mm, 900 mm or 1200 mm wide sizes, the Kubus assisted service heated patisserie also houses a PTFE (Teflon) coated display deck and 2 tiers of heated shelving. Each of the display levels are fitted with 40 mm ticket display, product stop and and 4000 Kelvin fluorescent tube lighting to each tier – matching LED lighting in the chilled version.. The full height flat glass front screen tilts and locks to allow the operator cleaning access. Re-stocking the unit is undertaken through hinged double glazed doors to the rear. All heated product is highly visible through the toughened glass front screen and side panels. The steel canopy & glass hood can form a serve-over section. (Models KPH6AS, KPH9AS, KPH12AS).

Fascia Panel Option – Heated Patisserie.PAGE-HEAD-HOT-PAT-FASCIA

The standard heated patisserie may fit behind a shop fitted fascia panel within a counter run.  With the addition of optional black epoxy coated or steel fascia panels, the heated patisseries can be located in prime trading areas as freestanding ‘grab n go’ impulse displays.