Mobile Sanitising Gel Dispenser (Pedal Operated).
The new Tournus versatile mobile sanitising gel dispenser is easy to use and operate. The pull out handle, stainless steel body and wheels allow the dispenser to be used either indoors or outdoors.
With both storage and holding space for 2x 5 litre alcohol gel or liquid soap tubs, this durable sanitising solution is ideal for high-traffic locations, inside or outside shops or businesses. No electric supply or batteries are required, as it works mechanically without any contact with the device.
Easy To Use.  Pressing the pedal triggers the dispensing of a dose of sanitising solution. The foot control prevents any hand contact with the dispenser.
The dispenser has rear storage compartments for locating two 5 litre gel tubs. The dispenser accepts all standard 5lt. alcohol gel/ sanitising liquid containers(not supplied). Simply unscrew the container lid and insert the feed tube that is already connected to the pump dispenser. It’s ready to use!
The dispenser has rear viewing windows to easily monitor the gel level within a clear plastic sanitising liquid container.

Mobile. A retractable top mounted handle and 2 large heavy duty wheels make it easy to move inside overnight or transfer to a new location

Efficient. The two internal storage compartments provide capacity for up to 5000 sanitising gel dispensing doses before it’s time to replace the containers ! With one container connected to the pump dispenser and another waiting in reserve, you can save time and space storing and replenishing the mobile sanitising gel dispenser.

Hygienic.The dispenser disinfects hands without contact, either indoor or outdoor. The smooth stainless steel surface both resists bacteria from entering the unit and provides an easily cleaned surface. Because of the material used, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The removable drip tray under the dispensing nozzle keeps drips away from shoes. The tray can be taken away and cleaned at the sink.

Anti- Theft. The rear wheel axle or the top mounted handle can be utilised to fasten a chain or cable around. The rear lift off panel that houses the containers can also accept the fitting of a padlock if required (chain/ cable or padlocks are not supplied).


See the mobile sanitising gel dispenser (pedal operated) in action below.



Mobile Sanitising Gel Dispenser (Pedal Operated).TOURNUS_300_rvb



Mobile Sanitising Gel Dispenser (Pedal Operated).TOURNUS_300_rvb

  • Mobile pedal operated sanitising gel dispenser (alcohol gel).
  • Suitable for external or internal locations.
  • Hygienic stainless steel construction.
  • Large capacity for 2 no. 5 Litre containers – 1 shelf internally for spare container storage.
  • 5000 doses possible before both containers need replacement.
  • Foot operated pedal provides ‘touch free’ use.
  • Dispenser can be used with high alcohol sanitising gels =/>60%.
  • Retractable Pull handle.
  • Durable Ø 80 mm Wheels.
  • Anti- theft lockable rear storage panel has facility for securing by chain & padlock (Not Supplied)
  • Rear Viewing Window (To Monitor Gel Level Within Clear Gel Container)
  • Dispenser connection tube reaches both rear storage levels.
  • Easily install & relocate the mobile sanitising dispenser in many locations, as no electrical connection is required.
  • Model code – Mobile Sanitising Gel Dispenser (Pedal Operated) – (806 286).
  • Model Dimensions: 1000mm (h) x 295mm (w) x 285mm (d).
  • Empty Weight: (806 286) = 14 Kg/ (Full Weight: (806 286) = 25 Kg.


Mobile Sanitising Gel Dispenser (Pedal Operated).TOURNUS_300_rvb




Mobile S/Steel Sanitising Gel Dispenser
(Pedal Operated).

Suitable For External/ Internal Use


Model Capacity

(2x) 5 litre Sanitising Alcohol Gel Containers (Not Supplied).

Dispensing Doses (Per 5 Litre Container)


Removable 1/9 Gn Polypropylene Drip Tray


Suitable for high alcohol sanitising gels =/>60%


Model Height (mm)


Model Width x Depth (mm)

295 (w) x 285 (d)

Model Weight (Empty) (Kg)


Retractable Pull Handle/ Durable Ø 80 mm Wheels


Anti- Theft Lockable Rear Storage Panel/ Facility For Securing By Chain (Padlock/ Chains Not Supplied)

Facility Provided

Rear Viewing Window
(To Monitor Gel Level Within Clear Gel Container)




Sales & Technical Information.TOURNUS_300_rvb
Mobile Sanitising Gel Dispenser (Pedal Operated).


General Layout Drawings.
Mobile Sanitising Gel Dispenser (Pedal Operated).