page-header-d.line-Amb-AS-PDesignline-ColdDesignline patisserie AmbientDesignline Ambient patisserie.
 Designline freestanding ambient patisseries are a classic companion to the range of Designline drop in displays.
Available in both self help and assisted service, Designline patisseries feature a matching clean elliptical profile, durable bright steel and chrome plated aluminium superstructure, all within a toughened glass screen or an open fronted merchandiser with optimum product display through glazed side panels. 
The Designline ambient patisserie is part of CED’s flagship range of food displays.
Designline ambient patisseries feature ‘point of sale’ branding, steel kick plinths, mobile castors and adjustable feet as standard.

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AMBIENT--LOGO Self Help Ambient (Open Rear) 

page-header-2-DLINE-AMB-PATLocated in a freestanding counter run or open space, this freestanding ambient patissserie is available in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm sizes with open front and open rear frameideal for presenting many morning goods such as pastries, muffins etc. (Model PA6-12) An optional rear door can also be factory fitted (See above).

AMBIENT--LOGOSelf Help Ambient (Fixed Back)

Main Features Section Text 2 - Header Image -wall-sited ambient version is also available in 600 mm, 900 mm or 1200 mm wide sizes, allowing the display to be positioned in alcoves, high street retail environments or smaller restrictive sites. The rear door is replaced with a bright steel back panel. Product re-stocking is through the open face of the cabinet. The fixed back cabinet matches all other Designline patisseries. (See PA6-12FB).

AMBIENT--LOGOAssisted Service Ambient (Open Rear)

page-header-DLINE-AMB-PATIA freestanding assisted service ambient patisserie for use in either a counter run/open space is also available. Produced in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm sizes with full front glass and open rear frame, this model is ideal for presenting many morning goods such as pastries, muffins etc. (See PA6-12AS) An optional rear door can also be factory fitted (See KDR6-12). Designline patisseries, another classic style statement for the interior designer.

Layout Options. Position Designline patisseries behind fascia panels in a counter run to offer maximum serve over presentation within a minimum footprint, or locate them in prime trading areas as freestanding ‘grab n go’ impulse displays. Enhance the beauty of the bright steel & chrome components by choosing from a standard black epoxy coated steel base & partial hood styling, or pick a conventional steel finish of satin polish. Add our optional fascia panels for a freestanding scenario.

Fascia Panel Option – All Ambient Patisseries. The standard ambient patisserie may fit behind a shop fitted fascia panel within a counter run.  With the addition of optional black epoxy coated or steel fascia panels, the ambient patisserie can be located in prime trading areas as freestanding ‘grab n go’ impulse displays (Black – see KCBF6-12) (Steel – see KCSF6-12).