Kubus Cold Displays Remote Refrigeration
(R448A/ R449A). 

Kubus chilled models are suitable for use with a remotely sited R448a/ R449a refrigerated central plant – if the plant is sized below 40 Kw.
The information provided will allow a refrigeration engineer to provide a suitably sized condensing unit and correctly sized pipework to serve the display.

1) The units are supplied with a 210mm deep condensing unit transportation cradle attached, to protect the refrigerant liquid & suction line stubs & to house the electrical control box.**
2) Once installed, the cradle can be retained or removed and the electrical control box re-housed locally, if necessary.
3) The following refrigeration components are supplied:
1 x Danfoss TE2-R448A expansion valve (Ced 7650/ DAN169),
1 x Danfoss 3/8 ODS EVR6 Solenoid (Ced 7622/ DAN616),
1 x Danfoss No. 1 Orifice (Ced 7651/DAN218),
1 x Danfoss10W Solenoid Coil (Ced 7653/ DAN680),
1 x HO7 0.75mm 3 core coil cable
(These items are not covered by warranty).
4) The single feed evaporator coil is supplied pressure tested to 25 bar with dry nitrogen.
5) 32mm site drainage – connecting to a floor drain, is required for the disposal of evaporator defrost water on these remote chilled drop in models.  
6) The following waste connection items are also supplied for installation – 1 x 32mm bottle or P trap, 1M length of 32mm waste pipe.
7) A separate local 13A 50Hz 230v SPN+E electrical supply is required to serve display lighting – in addition to an electrical supply for the remote condensing unit.
8) **Electrical control box is supplied with 1.5m plug top and lead.

Calculating The Remote R448A/ R449A Condensing Unit Size Required.
Prior to installation of the central plant/condensing unit, a refrigeration engineer would:

1) Calculate the size of the condensing unit required based on the distance away & the route of the refrigeration lines to and from the unit ( i.e. every bend in the refrigeration pipe work through floors etc. changes the flow rate of the gas )
2) The amount of R448A/ R449A refrigerant needed.
3) Evaporating temperature ( -10deg c ),
4) Specific maximum cooling duty per model (See Spec. Sheet below)

Remote Refrigeration Cold Drop In Display – Specification Sheet.
The above would be calculated in conjunction with the information on the attached download sheet:

Remote Refrigeration Cold Drop In Display – General Layout Drawing. 
Cold Display 

Multiple Chilled Units – Remote Refrigeration.
If the central plant/ condensing unit is to serve other chilled units as well as the CED model, the above information would need to be calculated for the other models, in order to arrive at a suitably sized condensing unit.
To allow for a central plant unit that may be serving more chilled units than the CED model, CED program the control panel to ignore high/low pressure alarm, which would be fitted to the central plant/condensing unit.