Designline Ambient Drop In Displays.
A complimentary range of matching Designline ambient drop in displays are available, offering ambient merchandising solutions – from condiments to confectionery, all presented at counter top height. The Designline cutlery/condiment display has three inclined display tiers and an additional eye level merchandising shelf. Descreet LED lighting illuminates the display and a full set of containers suitable for condiment holding & cutlery collection are supplied. The display is made in three sizes to suit the level of covers in the restaurant.
A themed ambient multideck is also available and is produced using the same profile as the cold model. The ambient multideck is LED lit as standard and features three adjustable toughened glass display shelves and a well area under, for maximum merchandising within it’s footprint.

Ambient Multideck.

Designline Self Help Ambient Multideck Drop In Display

Maximise the space given over to ambient and morning goods product in a minimum footprint with the Designline ambient multideck. Supplied with 3 tiers of toughened glass shelving and point of sale ticket strips, the model also includes a well area as standard and product illumination from diffused LED lighting.

Cutlery Condiment Display.

The Designline cutlery condiment drop in display is a striking addition to the range, with 3 levels of elliptical containerised shelving and subtle under-shelf lighting, all housed neatly under a toughened glass impulse shelf.

Ambient Gantry.


A multiple choice of Designline counter-top ambient gantrys can be incorporated on the counter surface for morning goods display etc. The ambient gantrys are available in three types. The standard ambient gantry is often used to highlight and protect worktop displayed food produce under. A multi level version also offers horizontal twin merchandising shelving above the top. The third type includes improved overhead merchandising with angled twin glass shelving, undershelf lighting & products stops.  All types are ideal for designating specific display areas on the counter top.

Confectionery Display Stand.

Table Top Confectionary Display, Product Use

Maximise impulse sales at till points by the use of the unobtrusive and freestanding table top Designline confectionery display stand. The display is perfect for the sale of sweets, muffins, donuts and morning goods. The merchandiser is available as assisted service or open fronted.

Tall & Low Screen Posts.

A choice of individual low height & tall chromed screen posts are also available and are ideal for sectioning off counter top space, whether it’s to provide low level screens in front of heated surfaces, or full height customer protection from theatre cooking equipment.

Designline Quality & Reliability.


Designed, constructed and independently CE approved to meet the latest exacting European standards, Designline drop in ambient displays feature gantry mounted push-button light switches, housed within innovative elliptical touch safe materials. Designline are now established as an industry classic, backed by CED’s continued assurance of beautiful toughness and ruthless reliability in the field.

Designline Ambient