October 6, 2016


Company news

bespoke-counter-hand-heldNo longer confined to the land of the anorak & with an estimated UK consumer spend last year of £4.2bn, the UK gaming industry is flying. With the need for computer science jobs approaching 750,000 and only 50,000 computer science graduates leaving university last year, industry employers are finding themselves adrift a stormy sea of supply and demand.

At the mid England HQ of one of the industries stateside gaming giants, it’s recognized that the working environment is king – both in attracting and retaining the skill sets needed in a booming market.


Enter CED with a consultant brief to provide a contemporary staff catering environment, that doubles as function room space.


Out front and supported by a complete back of house kitchen fit out, the scene is set for another stunning eatery space. A freestanding dual purpose servery line is laid out, supported by bean to cup coffee station and rear bottle fridge run.

Presented under intimate pull-down task lighting, the themed counter tops are crafted in a stunning 1.2 mm thick copper finish, with a sealed, chemically induced patina to simulate antiquity in the newly made objects.


A 200 mm copper turn down to the top adds depth and contrast to the bevel edged gloss white tiling below, all horizontally laid on cement board substrate and framed with coloured copper epoxy grout, to individualize the tile frontage.


The use of counter top induction cooking, allows the main servery to re-invent itself as evening bar area, centered around a supporting muted autumnal seating layout.

To optimise the operation, catering support equipment such as fridges, cup storage and water softening are neatly housed behind the main counter and coffee spaces.


The supplementary rear counter functions as a preparation point for juice blending and paninis, whilst housing rows of bottle coolers under this stunning work surface.

So, with another blue chip installation complete and gamers keen to indulge in the new eating environment, is it mission accomplished C.E.D. ?
We think so….