AA-KUBUS COLD BANNERKubus Cold Hydrocarbon (HT) Drop In Displays.
The full range of Kubus chilled drop in displays utilise our cutting edge Hydrocarbon Technology – an environmentally friendly refrigeration solution that’s kinder to the environment and your budget with lower running costs than conventional R404a refrigerant. *The Kubus chilled range of models are also available in R404a refrigerant. The range of Kubus self help cold displays include salad wells, island wells, delis, multi level delis, tiered wells and multidecks.

Self Help Displays.

Self Help Cold Multideck-(Rear Doors).

Page-header-3--KMDR3HT-doorThe kubus self help chilled multideck is a perfect match to the assisted service version. The shelving and well area features are retained, as to is the rear access door/s and shelf edge ticket strip. The display’s adustable height shelving will allow for varied product presentation and unobstructed customer access. Again, the control panel is conveniently sited in the rear hood. An optional retractable insulated night blind can also be factory fitted.

Self Help Cold Multideck (Rear Doors)-Roller Shutter.Kubus Cold Multideck (Rear Doors) with Roller Shutter 

A high security self help cold multideck with lockable rear door and roller shutter, is now available in 3/1GN & 4/1GN sizes.



Self Help Cold Multideck (Fixed Back).

A matching wall sited cold multideck is also available, with steel rear back panel, replacing the rear door (Models KMDF2-5HT).

Self Help Cold Multideck- (Fixed Back) -Roller Shutter. 

multideck with roller shutter insitu
A 3/1 GN & 4/1GN wall sited high security self help cold multideck with locking roller shutter completes the Kubus high security range.

Self Help Cold Well.

Page-header-KCW3HT-One of our most popular displays, the fan blown cold salad well suites effortlessly with other Kubus heated and chilled displays. The display features eye level gantry controls and single edged flat sneeze screen glass.

Cold Well – No Gantry.

The fan blown chilled well-no gantry display is produced without the rectangular gantry superstructure. The digital control panel & mounting plate is supplied with a 2 M loom and will allow :
– A bespoke UV bonded glass gantry or
– Other type gantry superstructure to be fitted over the display (by others).

Self Help Cold Island Well.

page-header-2----KCIW3HTrThe traditional salad well has been re-packaged too and is available in up to a 6/1 G/n size. Integral gantry mounted control panels suite effortlessly within chromed alluminum superstructures supporting  double edged sneeze screen protection. (See KCW2-5HT, KCIW2-5HT).

Self Help Cold Tiered Well.

Page-header-KCTD3HT-A further addition to the Kubus cold range, the cold tiered well features a raised rear air box/food preparation shelf and a tiered food display area in the well.

Assisted Service Displays.

Kubus displays suitable for an assisted service operation include wells, tiered wells, delis, multi level delis and multi decks.

Assisted Service Cold Deli

Page-header-KCLD3HT-Featuring eye-level gantry mounted control panels, both chilled delis or multi level delis boast single or twin ambient glass display shelving over the chilled well area, increasing product display diversity. Delis are available in up to a 5/1Gn size. (See KCDL2-5HT, KCMDL2-5HT).

Assisted Service Cold Multideck .

Page-header-KMDR3ASHT-The assisted service version of the Kubus multideck boasts 3 tiers of chilled toughened glass display shelving and large chilled bottle well area. The features are beautifully presented behind a full height flat toughened glass hood and sides. Operator access is from durable side hung rear steel door/s. Each display level is supplied with a combined product stop and industry standard 40mm ticket strip to each shelf edge. Operator control panel is conveniently sited in the rear hood. (See KMDR2-4ASHT).

Assisted Service Cold Well.

as--well-With the addition of full height front glass and ends, the self help well becomes assisted service. The traditional salad well is available up to a 6/1G/n size. The integral gantry mounted control panel mounts within the chromed alluminum superstructure, supporting the optional full height glass screen and ends.  

Assisted Service Cold Tiered Well.

Adding full height front glass and ends, to the self help chilled tiered well converts it to assisted service. The tiered chilled well allows for layered chilled food presentation and better merchandising. The display is available in 2/1 Gn, 3/1 Gn & 4/1G/n size. 

Assisted Service Cold Multi Level Deli.


The multi level cold deli comes complete with assisted service full front & side glass, fan blown cold well & rear preparation shelf. Above the well area are two toughened glass ambient shelves for enclosed merchandising of ambient goods.

Kubus Cold Displays – Remote Refrigeration.


The Kubus range of cold displays can also be produced for use with a r404a  central refrigeration plant, serving the units remotely.

Kubus Quality & Reliability. Designed, constructed and independently CE approved to meet the latest exacting European standards, choose from matching self help or assisted service heated, chilled or ambient displays.