High Quality Digital Control Panel Technology – Drop In Displays
a) All displays use Dixcell control system, to ensure reliable electrical operation of all displays. High level temperature recording accuracy is via digital temperature probes.

b) Standard ‘tamper proof’ temperature control facility prevents customer interference/unauthorised operator adjustment if required.

c) All displays can be connected to Modbus RTU & Dixell network store food monitoring systems.

d) If condensing unit breakdown occurs from overheating, (due to high ambient temperatures, insufficient airflow or irregular cleaning), the control panel can switch condensing unit off before long term damage occurs, after a number of re-start attempts where overheating condition is still present.

(Control panel automatically resets the condensing unit to switch back on when it has cooled down. After 5 attempts, control panel switches the unit off, The unit then has to be reset manually. This function stops condensing unit from becoming irreparably damaged, when exposed to continual high ambient conditions).

e) The Dixell Control system used helps limit high cost and/or chargeable service calls to customer/end user (as described above)